The accumulated experience and the know-how of Greek Roots derive from the daily “in the field” practice of our knowledge. The in-depth understanding of the Greek system operation, combined with the ongoing monitoring of the legislation’s changes, gives us the advantage to always be one step ahead. We offer a 30 MINUTE FREE OF CHARGE CONSULTATION SESSION to answer questions, propose solutions, and eventually map out the next move.


The purpose of the Greek Roots creation was based on the fact that people abroad who have commitments in Greece confront obstacles such as long-distance, costly travels, lack of communication, diverse conditions, international laws, red tape, and multiplex procedures. All of the above comprise significant blocks for decades, so a drastic solution was more necessary than ever. Hundreds of individuals and corporations who have made the move to CONTACT US have now an official representative in Greece. 


Our mission as a pioneering one-stop shop company, exclusively for people living overseas is to provide top-notch services through continuous reporting, timely delivery, and cost-consciousness to each assignment. The Greek Roots team consists of the finest professionals, ready to take control of even the most complicated cases. The Greek Roots CASE GUARANTEE PROGRAM ensures every client payment by offering a 100% refund in the unlikely event of an undelivered service.


Our company takes pride in protecting and taking care of its clients. We severally focus on the individual needs and distinctive features of every single case by providing customized services. We build dynamic relationships based on mutual trust and strict confidentiality. The innovative Greek Roots 100% REMOTELY SYSTEM allows every client regardless of their location to connect with our team in real-time, sign, send and receive documents, all without any transportation.

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