IMPORTANT NOTE: The below reviews originate from real people/cases. For privacy reasons, their surname is only stated by its initial letter.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, conducting overseas transactions, and our limited Greek language skills, the team at Greek Roots were by our side from the Greek Consulate in New York City to the local municipality office of Halandri (suburb of Athens).  A process which should have taken over a year to complete (under normal circumstances) was taken care of in a fraction of that time. Highly recommend this group of professionals!

Alexandra P.

Virginia, USA

! Thanks to you my Greek pension is finally approved! Thank you once again for this excellent turn.

Costas T.

Melbourne, AU

As a Greek living outside of Greece, Greek Roots has been a life saver. I was fortunate to inherit a house and properties in Greece a few years ago and it has been extremely stressful to manage them from afar. This team’s in-depth expertise addressed all my current concerns regarding my properties, and they have put me on a path to timely handle all my future needs.   

Greek Roots is your best choice when it comes to managing all your business in Greece and I highly recommend them.

Martha E.

Maryland, USA

I no longer have to worry about my property in Greece. It’s like am there!

George M.

New York

My relatives in Greece had taken over my cases. I was sorry to discover that after all these years they were deceiving me. Now i can trust again. Thank you so much!

Maria K.


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