What is the Greek Roots?

Greek Roots is a firm, established both in Greece and United States, which consists of a group of lawyers, notaries, accountants, engineers, consultants and other acclaimed professionals. We are the only company in the world that provides complete solutions in all sectors, exclusively and only for Greeks abroad.

Why choose Greek Roots?

The answer we would like to give you is to ask one of our hundreds customers. However, as this may not be feasible, there are only three reasons for this:

  • Because we know your needs very well and the corresponding solutions that we have to give.
  • Because we can handle every action as simple, complex or multiple (even cases pending for years), always with cost consciousness.
  • Because the composition of our team allows us to undertake all kinds of cases and to complete them with professionalism, consistency and absolute confidentiality.
I am far from your offices, how do I get in touch with you?

Our goal is to simplify procedures for you and make things easier. So if you are at a distance or for some reason we cannot get in touch, you can initially contact us by phone or electronically (via email or Skype) and then send us the necessary documents by registered mail to one of our addresses.

How will I be kept informed of my case?

In person, by phone, via email, via Skype and of course a combination of all. Essential to us is full and continuous information about the progress and development of your case. Our phone numbers operate 24/7 so we can get in touch whenever necessary, even in emergencies.

I have an inheritance in Greece. What should I do?

Without having to travel to Greece, we can assist you towards clearing up any estate issues in Greece and formally bringing the title of the inherited assets under your name. This includes all translations, certifications, court probates, tax filings and payment of taxes, preparation of acceptance of inheritance notarial deed and execution of same and the registration of the title under your name at the competent National Cadastre archives.

I have been a foreign resident for many years and have not stated the change of my tax residence in Greece. What should i do?

You should proceed as soon as possible to the change of the Taxation Office which you belong up today and to transfer to Foreign Residents Taxation Office. So you are not required to declare your worldwide income in Greece, or to file tax returns if you do not have any income from Greece.

Before I left Greece I had worked for some time. Am i entitled to a pension?

It depends. We will investigate if you are qualified. If so, will proceed accordingly.

I own property in Greece. How can I get the most out of it?

We can assist you in making the right decision on how to make the most of your ownership. Advise you on the rent / sale value of it, suggest possible development option, and, of course, help you all the way with whatever choice / endeavor you may have. At the same time, we will indicate the tax-wise most favorable structure and treatment.

My father / grandfather was born in Greece, but I was born and raised abroad. Could I obtain Greek citizenship?

Yes. We can handle your entire representation before the competent authorities (Athens Special Registry, Municipality, Region and Prefecture) and successfully complete your registration with a Greek Municipality and with the Greek Male Rolls (if you are male), so you may also acquire your Greek Passport.

I have dual (Greek and other) citizenship. Does this mean that I have to serve a military service in Greece?

Yes, you may be obliged to serve a military service in Greece. However, depending on your age and the time you want to spend in Greece each year, we can advise you on the exact provisions that could possibly let you buy out your military service or allow you to avoid serving altogether.


GREECE: 44 Vasileos Konstantinou Ave, 11635 Athens
PHONE: (+30) 2130457574 &
(+30) 6947308656

USA: 155 N Wacker Drive, Suite 4250 Chicago, 60606 IL

AUSTRALIA: 84 Hotham Street Preston, VIC 3072
PHONE: 1300-132-973


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